Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just one more

Tink goes to a small Montessori primary school of about 40 kids.  This year they decided to test the schools gymsports waters and attend TriStar's gymsports festival - which is designed to encourage schools to participate in gymsports.  It was a fun event, well run by TriStar.
The school arranged for 6 kids, including Tink, to do some training at the local YMCA to participate.  It was all done in rush in the three weeks prior to the event.  Due to some confusion, Tink ended up being entered in Artistic as well as the Rhythmic sections.
She had plenty of RG leos to choose from for the day, but no artistic ones.  Since I have the lycra stash, the sewing machines were still set up and I am mad, I made her a new leo the night before:

It really popped out there on the gym floor.  Helena, Tink's teacher for the day, reported with much amusement that when Tink took off her school jacket, the other girls all said admiringly "cool leotard!"  Tink responded with a nonchalant "thanks, mum made it last night" which garnered a drawn out "wow" from the girls and a "clever mum" from their teacher!
She may have been out of her depth in comparison to the other girls gymnastics wise, but she definitely had the brightest, coolest leotard on the floor.
Even if I do say so myself!


stitchsarah said...

that's a pretty new leo!
and you're definitely not messing about with making them.

Anonymous said...

You're amazing Kathryn!