Sunday, July 10, 2011

Highs and lows

Two highs to report...
Firstly, Jess has finally made it to 5 feet tall!!  She was getting a little desperate there for awhile, LOL.
Secondly, it was Xtreme Rhythmix's AKL Champs this weekend at ASB Stadium.  Groups went ok for both girls - big relief since several gymnasts were away requiring swaps and newbies.
Jess went out for Level 5, steady as usual freehand and hoop routines scoring mid 16s, incrementally better clubs and increased her score for the 5th time in a row to 15.3 - yay!  And best of all was prizegiving:
4th clubs, 2nd hoop, 1st freehand, 1st overall!
Go Jess, woohoo.
Now the low: Tink went out for Level 3, did three ok routines (all remembered, no big booboos, only the one drop) but came last.  She's a bit upset cos she was trying hard to improve her skills.  I saw improvements: her stag leap was better, her cossack balances were held longer, her rope was caught better (except for the last big throw) and her ball generally was better.  But I guess the skills weren't better enough.  I vidoe'd her this time and she wants to look at them to see what she needs to fix - she really does try hard.  It really breaks your heart when it doesn't always pay off.
Nevermind, she has Midlands next weekend, then Shore Junior comp first weekend in August.  Jess has Midlands and then Nationals last weekend of July.  And THEN we'll be done for 2011 - gymastically that is.  Still the fun that is jazz exams (3rd week of term 3) and jazz recital to go...
I am definitely, certifiably, nuts!

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