Friday, September 24, 2010

Tis the season to brag it seems

I arrived to pick Jess up from ballet last night to be greeted by a very excited Jess - they'd had their level 1 contempory ballet exam results back...
High Honours
She's thrilled to bits as this was the first year of doing contemporary and she missed most of the extra exam classes due to gym comps, plus Miss Emma didn't decide to put them in for the exam til late so preparation was a bit rushed.
Now it's Recital time, and the girls are having A LOT of fun learning their dance - it's to the Crazy Frog's rendition of Popcorn - big grins throughout every class!


Kim said...

Fantastic news Jess, what a wonderful result! Especially with a less than perfect lead up.

Kim said...

Oh, forgot to mention I used the popcorn piece of music for a calisthenics routine, it was fun and had a good beat.