Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another chance to brag

The same week that Tamsin did her Grade 1 jazz exam, she also did her RAD Grade 2 ballet exam.  Due to the way RAD process exam marks, the results aren't available the following week as they were with jazz, but come back up to 6 weeks later.  So, here we are, roughly six weeks later and Miss Emma handed out the marks and certificates at the end of class today.
with 71 out of 100,
and nothing below a 7 (there are 10 sections each worth 10 marks)
Tamsin was a bit peeved as she was hoping for Distinction (75+), but Miss Emma said they weren't handing many of those out this year and I told her that this year's mark was better than last year's mark (68) and way better than the year prior to that - so she's all cheerful again.
Go Tinkerbelle!

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