Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walking the bridge

Auckland is an isthmus, and requires many bridges to complete its roading network.  Most of the main ones are bottlenecks for traffic.  Whenever you mention "the bridge" in Auckland, everyone assumes you mean the iconic one - the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
We live by the other harbour and its bridge.  It's quite crucial actually, as it is the main route to the airport from the CBD.  And the traffic issues were getting ridiculous - even government ministers were missing their flights due to it. 
Sunday just gone, on a beautiful blue winter day, we got to walk over the latest solution to the traffic woes: a brand new bridge, just like the one already in use.  So now we have one bridge for going north, and one bridge for going south.

It opened to traffic this morning - nearly 6 months ahead of schedule.

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