Monday, July 5, 2010

Another foggy day in Te Awamutu

And Tink's competition went much like it did at Counties - ok free, ok ball, shocker hoop.  She wasn't last though, due to the unfortunate habit of the Spirals gymnasts to forget their routines half way through and run off crying.
But - she smiled at the judges during the routines, looked gorgeous and had fun.  Whereas some of the girls, including the really talented ones who have skills to smile about, don't and look like little automatons.

And, when we got home, we got a txt from the Fabulous Floss to ask if we might have room for Tim and one of the Blondinis to stay.  Do we have room?!  For our fave Sth Is friends???  Too right we do, and Tink gets to be with her missing twin (hello Henry!!)
Can't wait till Jess and I go down for Southland Champs in mid August to stay with them.  Happy days.

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