Monday, February 15, 2010

I think ...

... I can finally deal with this post.

Nearly three years ago, my cat Titchy came to the end of her time with us at the reasonably old age of 13.
She'd gotten skinny and fragile plus wasn't keeping food down, and then didn't come home the day we were going to take her to the vet.

So that Christmas we got a kitten, Boodle, to join the 3 remaining cats.

Boodle was the most smoochy cat I've ever known.  She would snuggle around my neck, sleep on my head at night, and give me big raspy licky kisses. It was like having Titch back, only waaay smoochier. She was always in the garage waiting for us when we got home and never missed a meal - unlike the other 3, who would regularly be late or miss a meal entirely.
Sadly, last November (Guy Fawkes weekend) she failed to show up for breakfast, and then didn't show when we got home that afternoon.  We haven't seen her since.

So when I finished work for the Christmas break, we went to the SPCA and came home with Tui, a scruffy black kitten.  She would lose traction on our wooden floor due to fluffy feet.

To our extreme distress, she too failed to appear when we got home last Monday. 
She was 4 months old.
Tui was still being fed inside, and had never ventured beyond our section and was even more reliable than Boodle at turning up.  So we knew that same day that we'd lost her, too.
We think to a dog.  Our neighbours lost their guinea pig between our two cats' disappearances, and Steve saw a strange dog in the vicinity of our house this weekend.  We haven't had stray/ wandering dogs for quite some time. Plus Burma, one of our other three cats was injured about 10 days ago, we thought in a fight.  Now that she's letting us look at it, we wonder again about a dog being involved.

So now we worry when any of the other 3 don't turn up when expected.


Anonymous said...

No, that's awful, Tui was so cute. Hope the others stay safe. xxx

sewfunky said...

Hugs to you - we've had similar things happen at our place over the past year. One of our wee kittens disappeared, we think that a bird took her - she was only about 10 weeks old. :(

Andie said...

*big hugs* we lost one of our cats last week, she came home all puffed up and wheezing, we took her to the vet but things went downhill and we ended up having to put her to sleep, turned out someone had shot her and it had gone into her lung :( its rather scary not knowing whats out there. Thinking of you!

Barb said...

I am sorry to hear about your cats. I had to put one down 17 years ago and still think about her. It was so devastating to have to put her down. I got my cat Whiskers right after that. Today he's a healthy 17 year old indoor only cat. Can you keep your cats inside? They are so much safer and healthier than.

Coricakes said...

I'm so sorry about your friends. I hope you are able to solve the dog problem. Best wishes.

soggibottom said...

Aw...a chance click has led me sorry... x x x

All ours are now over ten... cats are always a law unto themselves and yet...ah it's always not knowing what really has happened to them.

Justin Ericson said...

You know, it's incredible how bonded we get to pets. Some people don't realize how therapeutic dogs and cats and other creatures can be to people. I had a nineteen year old dog that recently passed and she was really a great dog, abandoned when we found her and just a great pet, now a Shih Tzu, her name is Sadie Mei Soo Ling Ling III, God bless her. Hahaha, it's great that you have an addition to love, well done!!!!! Sorry for your loss, by the way, friend.