Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick update...

Don't know if the above works. It's a link to a compilation video clip of Jess during comp season this year. I put it together to learn how to use the editing software that came with the camera.
I had tried to post it to the blog, but anything bigger than 10Mb just choked everytime.

It's been quietly busy here. Jess is busy working on L5 skills and looking forward to her new school for next year. She went to the orientation on Friday and was all buzzy when I picked her up cos she knew more girls who will be there next year in Y7 than she thought she would.
Tamsin is enjoying her beginners Rhythmic class, and has managed to get a place in the competitive squad for next year. The rhythmic coaches at TriStar are really sweet - and organised! They handed out a great info pack that was perfect for the control freak info junkie that is the Evil Gym Mom. She's also moved into the big pool at swimming and is now a junior Squid.
Guy Fawkes was good - the pyromaniacs of the family got together at my sister's place again and happily combusted their way through several boxes of fireworks while the rest of us pigged out on brownie and chocolate fondue.
I'm even getting some stitching done. I'm never as fast as I'd like, so there's not enough time in a day to get the progress I want. Oh well. I also have 4 leotards cut out ready to sew for Tamsin. She's grown a smidge in the body and all her leos are now showing way to much knicker for my (and her coach's) liking. The last batch of sewing I did only produced one for her and 3 for Jess so I needed to rectify that.

Please send me stitching vibes so that the next post will be about stitching finishes (plus photos to prove it, LOL).

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Barb said...

Looks like Jess did a good job on her skills.