Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter finish

I realised that if I didn't get my act together I wouldn't have a finish for March. I've been stitching, but on my Challenge piece (Owl). It's just on half done now :)
So picked out a kit (Disney by Anchor) and made a deal with myself to start and finish it during the Easter break.
And waddya know? Here it is, finished!

Plus, thanks to a sewing day on Good Friday with BFF Sarah, Jess now has one new pair of trousers, a new pair of bike pants for gym and another pair altered to fit better.

Happy Easter everyone


Andie said...

oooo thats cute, Bethany's room is all winnie the pooh characters.... I might have to look at doing her something like this :D

Judith said...

Congrats on the finish

Andie said...

Thank you for the lovely offer! If its still going then I would love your left over pattern :)