Monday, March 17, 2008

4 x 4 Relay

I've been tagged by my dear blogging friend Floss, and here's the list:

Four movies I'd watch again (own nearly all of them now, so I do - often, LOL)
The Hunt for Red October
The Da Vinci Code
Fried Green Tomatoes
Baghdad Cafe

Four places I've lived (haven't been out of Auckland, how insular)
Mangere East
Pt Chevalier

Four TV shows I watch:

Grand Design
Myth Busters
U Choose (on C4)

Four places I've been:
Phoenix, Arizona
Brisbane, Australia
York, England
Florence, Italy

Four things I love to eat:
fresh sweetcorn on the cob
fresh cherries in season
my mum's home made pink iced buns that have raspberry in the middle

Four places I'd rather be:
here at home, but without the need to earn money...
somewhere in NZ other than Auckland
a Club Med type resort
New York, visiting my list mommy dearest (yahoo group 2much XS)

Four things to look forward to:
Easter! loooong weekend with chocolate, LOL
watching my girls growing up
paying off the mortgage one day
seeing what tomorrow's sunrise looks like (this morning's was pretty)

Four people to tag:
Aly - Kiwi Brodeuse
Sarah - a stitch in time
Rene - Rene la Frog's Ramblings
Rowyn - stitcher under a long white cloud

I'd tag some others, but they don't blog.


1 comment:

Little Miss Flossy said...

Oh yes, Fried Green Tomatoes, love that one too. We've been trying to take a photo of the 'totally wicked' gym tee in a gymnastics position for you but it's hard to hold a straddle til your Mum gets you in focus LOL

Thanks so much, she loves it. And it's gym training tomorrow...