Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Resistance is futile

sayeth the Borg, and yes - I folded and made an online stash run.
Went to Spotlight today to pick up some Mill Hill petites to match the Believe Tree colours I'm stitching. Took Dimension's Garden Gate (which I have been hankering after for YEARS - at least 6 in fact) to the check-out along with said beads and sundry other items to stash away for birthday pressies (as you do). The kit's price tag was missing in action. Price on scanning: $66.
With the budget restrictions mentioned in the previous post, I asked that the kit be put back on the shelf. The lovely attendant had gasped when it scanned, as did her colleague a minute later in passing. They too, felt the price a bit steep.

So Garden Gate got left behind

While left alone in the house this lovely Waitangi Day afternoon, I checked out my old Fox Collection catalogues to check on that price. Fox had it (back in 2002) at $59 + $6 delivery, so no cheaper that way. And Fox are notorious for taking forever to deliver.
Tried looking for it on the net.
Sewandsew UK (very prompt shippers) had it at GBP21. Nordic Needle (also prompt and friendly service) had it at USD20. So bought it from Nordic Needle, and with shipping and forex it will arrive at least $20 cheaper than Spotlight. Plus I get the fun of a parcel in the mail.
So how could I resist?


Floss said...

Well yes, how could you? I love waiting for overseas parcels :-)

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