Saturday, February 9, 2008

February Finish

Old family friend, Cherry, also cross stitches and quilts. We had some fun time recently visiting several LNS together. While at the Ribbon Rose, we discovered that they have expanded their floss range (YAY) and they now have the Caron and Needle Necessity range in store.
To celebrate, Cherry bought floss and fabric, and I have stitched M Designs' Believe Tree for her as she liked the design so much.
Cashel 28ct vintage green, stitched over one with Needle Necessities #35 embellished with Mill Hill petites #40332
This is the first design I've ever stitched twice. It wasn't too bad - I think I could cope with doing it a third time as I got into the swing of it sooner from familiarity.
However, the appeal is the one colour only design. No way would I stitch a multi colour design more than once!


Rowyn said...

It's gorgeous - well done!

Little Miss Flossy said...

That's so pretty! Hey, do you know anywhere in Auckland that you can buy GAST? Slim pickings down here...

Megumi said...

Your ornament is pretty - I love the color you chose. :)