Friday, December 21, 2007

It's here!

The first day of the school holidays....
so the girls are having a grandma day, which they have been hanging out for for weeks now. This means today is photo with Santa day. Jess picked out her clothes last night, but I'm sure Tamsin and I won't agree on her outfit and there will be a hissy in the offing. Oh well, that's parenting.
Also here is my last day in the office before 3 (yes THREE!) weeks holiday and a new job. I've not had more than 10 days off in a row since I left university.
After 5.5 years with Intermax I am moving on. As with most jobs, it will be the people I miss. On the upside, the company I am going to work for is in the same industry (but not a competitor) and does work for Intermax, so I'll still be in touch. In fact, the directors of current job have known and worked with the directors of new job since Adam was a cowboy, so the whole "I'm leaving" thing has been very friendly.
First day of school holidays is also traditionally the day for putting up the Christmas tree. I wonder when the girls will remember and start to nag me about hauling it out and decorating it?

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Floss said...

Hope the photo went well. Good luck with your new job!