Saturday, December 8, 2007

If you can't go fishing...

...then you play in the boat on dry land, of course.

This is my wonderful DH (Steve) with his elder brother (Kevin) doing essential maintenance on Kevin's boat in our driveway.

On the proud mama front: Jess now has her back walkovers on the high beam, glide kip to clear hip circle, and cartwheel straight jump dismount (prep for roundoff back tuck dismounts) off beam. Go Jess!

She has had front tuck off beam for over a year, and can do pike - she's mentioned training front layout off beam just recently, but I haven't seen it. Her handsprings are there now too, so handspring front tuck isn't far away; her round off flicflac x3 is now solid and she's working on getting roundoff flic back tuck. I get the feeling Jess is not sure about back tucks - I think she prefers pike, or even layout position, but she only has a front layout (and the odd front layout 1/2 twist) off the mini tramp. Jess gets to train back salto work on the tumble trak, but she's not fond of it as a training aid, prefers to use the proper sprung floor - says she feels her spring/power better.

Tamsin, on the other hand, will move out of PreComp and into Level 1 next term. I won't know if it'll be 1C or 1B till then. Either way she'll be training 4 hours/week, which will hopefully tire her out a bit more than currently! In swim class she tries really hard and her teacher is really impressed with her progress. I am too as a matter of fact. Go Tamsin :)


Rowyn said...

LOL... boys and their toys!

Sounds like a great couple of gymasts you have there.

Floss said...

Whoa - I'm such a terrible gym Mum, I don't understand half of that. Sophie just rolled her eyes at me, she understands all of it LOL. Go girls!