Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brag alert!

Evil Gym Mom gets to brag!
This weekend was the first sanctioned RG competition for Auckland: Counties Manukau.  The timetable was kind to us with both girls competing today, Sunday.  Jess' gym friends competed yesterday (we went along to watch, cheer and catch up with the other gym moms).

Tink was on in the middle session.  She smiled, remembered the new bits of her hoop routine, had fun and got middling scores (a mid 8 and two low 7s - the marking was tough but fair) in a field of 23.
Went to prizegiving where we got:
4th in Hoop!! 
Talk about woohoo surprise - we're still grinning.  Way to go Tink!

Jess competed Level 6 in the last session of the day.  She was soooo nervous.  This was the first of only two chances in Auckland this season to qualify for Nationals (qualifying score is 43, meaning average 14.5 for each routine).
She went out, fumbled a little but was basically cautious but steady.  Went into prizegiving extremely relieved to have got her season underway, and we got:
3rd overall, 3rd ball (14.6), 3rd clubs( 14.5), 4th rope (14.7), so qualified for Nationals.
One very happy gymnast, keen to get back to the gym to fix the fumbles and improve her difficulties.
Way to go Jess!

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stitchsarah said...

yay!!! a very good day indeed ;-)