Monday, May 28, 2012

Gotta love the velvet

Yes, I'm still making leos.  This one is for Tink's ball routine (she can also use it for hoop as that's taped in gold):

Doesn't velvet have such a gorgeous sheen to it?
She wore it yesterday (Sunday) to the first RG comp of the season - the very pleasant North Harbour Jnr RG Comp.  Unsanctioned, so low key but the Level 3s that turned up look a lot better than last year.

North Harbour did a very nice thing and did a podium for placings down to 6th.  A really nice way to start the season, I think, great for confidence boosting.
Ignore the watermark on the second photo - it's actually 5th= for ball.  I just love the grin for the Freehand podium finish - she got her first 10+ score!  And since it included walkovers, she gets to have her ears pierced as per a deal we agreed last year. 
Overall she was 7th with a personal best of 27.43 (all her scores were PBs in fact!)
Yay Tinkerbelle!!

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