Thursday, December 8, 2011

From the archives...

Well, from the depths of the drawer in my doll cabinet actually, where she had been hiding for over 10 years.
A visit to the dolls hospital, a new knitted vest (thank you Grandma!) and a new outfit later (slightly modified vintage Simplicity doll pattern), she has a new lease on life.

She's a UK made Pedigree hard plastic doll circa early 1950s.  She was given to my sister when Liz was very little (Grandma can't remember who by) and travelled out when my family emigrated here in the mid 1960s.  Unlike all the other similar vintage Pedigree dolls I found on the internet, this one isn't a "walker" and doesn't have a voice mechanism.  Those are sleep eyes though, as they should be.
My girls are quite taken with her.  I wonder if Liz will want her back?


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful!

stitchsarah said...

Very pretty! Dolly likes her new frock.