Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brag Time part 2

Since Tink got her dance exam results at her class this week, we knew that Jess would get her results tonight.
Jess had been a bit concerned about her jazz exam: it's her first year doing jazz and I put her into the Grade 5 class because the timetable suited us (and I thought she'd be ok going in cold at that level with 6 years of ballet and 2 years of rhythmic gymnastics behind her).  Contemporary she was comfortable with: Miss Emma at SABA had laid a solid foundation in last year's Level 1 class and, mother's rose tinted glasses or not, I felt Jess was one of, if not the, best dancer in the class because of it.
I wasn't wrong.  Jess came beaming out of her class tonight with, for both Contemporary Level 2 and Jazz Grade 5, the result of:
High Honours!!

Way to go Jellybean, Evil Gym Mom knew you could do it.

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Anonymous said...

Two talented girls!