Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just when you think it's over

Tink had her last 2011 competition today - the Shore Junior competition.  While Tink competed at the annual Shore competition earlier this year, the Level 1s and 2s were taken off the schedule at the last minute due to scheduling/ space difficulties.  As a result, Shore promised them a junior competition after Nationals to make up for it.
It was a very pleasant, small competition held at a very nice venue - the North Shore Table Tennis Stadium.  Tink went out and did a nice freehand, all smiles and a held cossack balance; and two cautious apparatus routines.  Her scores were mid 7s for rope and ball, and a very nice season high score of 9.5 for free.
While she didn't come anywhere overall, we got the lovely surprise of "...and we have an apparatus placing: 3rd in freehand, Tamsin from Xtreme."
Go Tinkerbelle!!

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Kim said...

A great finish for the year, well done! When does training/comps start for 2012?