Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oh look - another one!

Jess didn't get any new leotards this season made by me, even though I had bought some lovely fabrics to make a clubs leo. Instead, the 2nd hand leo we picked up in February became the clubs leo and her clubs were decorated in blue and lime accordingly. For freehand and hoop she has insisted on wearing the leos I made last year, saying that she "loves them" and that they're "good luck leos" (as she wore them with success at Nationals among other comps).

So the fabric bought specially for this season stays in the stash cupboard for next year.

I, on the other hand, now dislike them intensely and wanted to make new ones.

Jess has grudgingly agreed to wear a new one at this weekend's National Secondary Schools comp as it isn't part of the qualifying comps for Nationals, meaning good luck leos are not so crucial.

So I rummaged in the lycra and bling stash, and this is what resulted:

Jess has admitted that she likes this one now, and will happily wear it on Sunday.
We're wondering if it needs some crystals on the purple... what do you think?
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Andie said...

AWESOME! As always! Glad she let you make one at least..... you could always just go ahead and make more..... she'd probably love them once done just like this one :D