Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On the road again

It was the lovely Spiralz competition this weekend just gone - held at the fine ASB Stadium in Te Awamutu.  Once again, it was a well run, friendly and happy event.
Check out this photo of the L5 prizegiving - I think the girls look very friendly and happy to be there (and it had been a looooong day: 7am warm up for Group, then wait till 3pm to warm up for L5)
Yes, that's Jess - 5th overall and 3rd in hoop.  She was happy as she increased her scores.
It's a bit fuzzy - make that very fuzzy- but here's Tink about to go on for L3 ball (1pm of the next day - I did a lot of driving!)

The lovely leo is one we picked up at the 2nd hand sale - it was one of Clemmie's from her first year of Stage 3.  Her grandma made it; she makes the most AWESOME leos for Daisy & Clemmie, absolutely stunning.
I wish I'd video'd Tink's freehand cos she rocked it for a 9.12 - very cool score for a routine she only got a week ago!


Kim said...

Well done to your girls, sounds like a busy but good weekend

Andie said...

Yay :D And the leo is gorgeous (from what I can tell)