Monday, April 4, 2011

Do you know your ABCs?

Spotted this on From Fat to Marathon Runner's blog (was StitchieKiwi) and thought, why not? looks fun!

Age: 43
Bed size: Queen (need room for up to five cats you see, never mind DH!)
Chore you hate: dusting
Dogs: fine mostly - better if I know them (e.g. brother's lovely chocolate labrador Bella)
Essential start of your day: shower
Fav colour: yellow
Gold or silver: either
Height: 5'4"

Instruments I play: I learnt the piano when I was 10, tried oboe in Year9
Job title: HR Admin
Kids: Jess (nearly 14) Tamsin (9)
Live: near Auckland Airport, NZ
Mom’s name: Betty
Nicknames: Evil Gym Mom
Overnight hospital stays: 2 for childbirth, once in the run up to childbirth, once for eye op age 3
Pet peeve: bad formatting of MSWord and Excel docs - setting tabs is soooo easy people!
Quote from a movie: One ping only, Vassily - Hunt for Red October; You are soo blonde, Chelsea - St Trinians
Right or left handed: left mainly

Siblings: elder sister and brother
Time you wake up: 5.30amish
Underwear: Got to have it.

Veg you dislike: where do I start?! And I work in horticulture, lol.  Beans definitely
What makes you run late: reading
X-rays you have had done: Teeth, foot
Yummy food you make: choc fudge
Zoo, favorite animal: tiger
Give it a go, I dare ya!

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