Sunday, June 20, 2010

Counties comp - Evil Gym Mom gets to brag...

Tamsin competed L2 - all three routines - this morning, and Jess competed L4 - all three routines - this afternoon.

The bad news:
Tamsin had a shocker hoop routine and Jess got snarled up three times during her ribbon routine.

The good news:
Tamsin didn't have a splatfest with her ball routine like she and I feared, and her freehand routine was ok.  Plenty of room for improvement; she's seen the videos; and there are 3 comps to go; so she's on track and will advance to L3 for next year - YAY Tamsin.
Jess did a good freehand (similar to the last comp), a good hoop (way better mark than the last comp) and her ribbon score wasn't anywhere near as bad as she and I thought it would be given the snarl ups.

4th in Freehand

2nd in Hoop

3rd overall!!
Clean sweep by Xtreme Rhythmix

She is absolutely over the moon, especially as she was devastated after her ribbon routine.

Way to go Jessica!


janis said...

Yay! Very cool! Congrats to the girls!

CameoRoze said...

What an excellent accomplishment. Go girls!