Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things you do on your wedding anniversary

spend money of course!
Dentist (for Tink - no holes, YAY) then off to the optometrist to pick up the new glasses (mine and Tink's).
Yes, Tinkerbelle needs glasses.  We'd known something wasn't right for several years, but the optometrist said it was ok due to how school at her age is taught meant glasses weren't needed.  Not any more, so much to her delight, the glasses were chosen, ordered and delivered.
I think she looks gorgeous.
She chose those frames herself.  Such great taste!


ayen silly said...

yeah . she looks awesome :)

Barb said...

Nice outfits for Tink. Good luck to both your girls this season.

W.C.Camp said...

I like the glasses as they frame her face nicely. I think my kid needs them too but she always puts off the trip to the Optometrist (She's in college). W.C.C.

Little Miss Flossy said...

I can't believe we didn't comment on this post! We all saw the photo and loved it and loved the glasses and we all went "Awwww so cuuuute!" Tink you are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

janis said...

This photo is adorable! My girls (grown now) were not so thrilled to learn they did not have perfect vision. But, alas, they now don't mind, they both wear contacts & glasses, depending on the moods.