Sunday, December 6, 2009

December finish and other updates

Season's Greetings, and here's a seasonal finish:

2009 Tree from M Designs
And just cos I feel like it, here's a photo from the 2009 comp season - courtesy of rsgphotog.blogspot, taken by the lovely Jessica who has since gone to Canada to further her art studies.

Tamsin, at her first comp at Counties Manukau.

Today has been a very quiet, peaceful Sunday - deliberately so.
Why? Because it was the day after two days of this:

Tamsin (as a raindrop)

Raindrops en masse

Victoria and Jess - seagulls

2009 SABA Recital "The Pearl"

Four shows of 2 hours duration, 5 mins each on stage per show over two days.
Net result? Lots, and I mean hours, of hanging about in dressingrooms waiting. And it was noisy. And reeked of hairspray.
The girls loved it.
Which is what it is all about.


the mom said...

Very nice rg pic of your daughter! My daughter, same age as your, is also doing rhythmics, but on the other side of the world...

Barb said...

Cute Christmas Tree piece
I love seeing the pictures of your daughters and hearing about their progress .