Monday, October 12, 2009

The generousity of friends

Our neighbours at the top of the driveway are good friends. Their twins are only a few months younger than Tinkerbelle, and we've known them since we all moved in nearly 6 years ago.
They're also mad keen sailors (they used to race at top level in the UK), and are the proud possessors of a 39' yacht, which they go out on nearly every weekend.
We (the four of us plus Sarah) had been invited to go sailing for the day with them some weeks back, with the date chosen being yesterday.
Given the weather for the 10 days prior (lots & lots of rain, 7degC, windy, yuk) it was not looking good.

But see for yourself...

Thanks Iain and Clare for a fabulous day!

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Rowyn said...

Ooh, that looks soooo lovely and relaxing! Glad you got some wonderful weather for the sailing.