Friday, August 28, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

Today's the day. NZ39 departs for Heathrow via Hong Kong at 11.15pm and I'll be on it.
At least, I better be or my boss will NOT. BE. HAPPY.

Two week business trip to Buckingham, then Oxford for the IMCA part of my job. It's the 2009 Congregation, and part of my job is to be there and help make it all happen smoothly.
For the information junkies amongst y'all, check out and have look around.
And, as a bonus, I get to catch up with my godmother, my lovely Auntie Barbara - who recently became a great grandmama.

Meanwhile, the role of the Evil Gym Mom is being handled by my dear friend Sarah. She gets to get up at the crack of dawn and organise the girls to turn up to compete at 8am both Saturday and Sunday this weekend for the last comp for the year: Auckland RG Champs, where Jess finally gets to compete her rope routine.

I'll be thinking of them!


Little Miss Flossy said...

Hope you have a great trip - 2 weeks, sounds like a lifetime away from the girls!

Rowyn said...

One word - LUCKY!

Have a safe and wonderful trip!