Sunday, June 21, 2009

I did warn y'all...

... cos here's Tamsin's first Rhythmic comp:

RG Level 1 hoop routine, Counties Invitational at Bruce Pulman Park.

I have no idea what her score was - I missed it being put up. Hopefully her coach will know it and I'll find out at Tamsin's next class. Otherwise I just have to wait till the results are posted up on Gymsports NZ's site.
Only a hoop routine at this stage, her freehand is under construction.

She has worked really hard over the last couple of weeks on this and other skills - she can now skip backwards! And this is the child that could barely skip with a rope at all at the beginning of the year.
I thought this was a lovely routine from Tamsin - especially as she's only been doing rhythmic for 2&half terms, and only at Xtreme RhythmiX since the beginning of this term (meaning completely new routines to learn).

Next comp: Spirals in Te Awamutu, first weekend of the holidays.
Go Tinkerbelle!

UPDATE: Tamsin scored 11.525! Top score in Hoop was 13 something, so she did really well.


stitchsarah said...

fabbity-fab Tamsin .... and Kathryn too!

Diane said...

Hi Kathryn,

I'm a gym mum and a xstitcher as well. Enjoyed seeing your daughter's videos. I wish I knew how to get my daughter's onto youtube!

CameoRoze said...

Her little body make such pretty lines and shapes.