Tuesday, September 16, 2008

while I'm on the subject...

I found some photos while uploading the ones for the previous post so I thought I'd inflict them on y'all.

That's Tamsin at age 3, ready to start preschool ballet at SABA.

On the topic of different leotards - not only does each ballet school have different colours, some of them also change when advancing from Grade 2 to Grade 3. SABA for example changes from pale blue to navy blue, while Lily Fong changes from baby pink to royal blue.

Gym clubs obviously have different leotards to save confusion at competitions. Here's Jessica's progression through the past 5 years (Acrobatics, West City, TriStar):

Also progressing is the zoom and focus capability of our camera and its operator, LOL.

This is to prove that Tamsin wasn't always long and skinny as she is now (that's my sister BTW)

and she's about 4-5 cm taller since these photos were taken in May!

Some years back, the girls got to take part in the Pumpkin Patch fashion parade at Auckland's annual Teddy Bears' Picnic held in the Domain in February. It was a lovely sunny hot summer day, and Pumpkin Patch were using the show to preview their winter range. So yes the girls got quite hot - especially as it was a 20 minute dance show done four times across the middle of the day! They had a fabulous time though and got some fantastic gear for doing it.

Last year, Jess did cheerleading and went to Australia to compete with her team at the Down Under Spirit Champs. Here she is with the trophy the team won.

This is a piece I'm really pleased with - Sweetheart Tree's Forget Me Not sampler, done for my parents 45th wedding anniversary 4(!) years ago. Yes, it's the Golden anniversay next year, along with my sister's 25th wedding anniversary, Jess' godmother's 40th birthday, Tamsin's godfather's 5oth birthday and my dad's 80th birthday. It's going to be quite a year!

To finish, I found this one of my favourite people

The torture is now over and you may leave now.



Andie said...

what torture? I loved looking and reading about your photos!

Barb said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the girls through the years. Your WIP is great.

Carolyn said...

Great pictures! Enjoyed reading all your activities. Hang in there. Stitching looks good, too.
Carolyn NC

CameoRoze said...

LOVE the photos of your girls!

Nice to know there are other women out there that need to have a 'bit' of control in their lives. :D

Cameo @-->-->---