Saturday, September 15, 2007

Proud mama gets to brag AGAIN

Yup - the BAL exam results are in, and one very proud mama simply has to brag about her girls.
BAL doesn't give marks like RAD does, just a "report card" with the examiner's comments and pass level: pass, pass plus, commended, highly commended, honours, honours with distinction.
From what other ballet people tell me, BAL is a lot like RAD was about 20 or so years ago.

Tamsin surprised us all again, like with the cross country a few weeks back, by not only passing the exam (Beginners), but getting Highly Commended!
Miss Lily was very pleased. I thought she might pass, but certainly wasn't expecting such a great result.
Woohoo Tamsin :)

The syllabus work is a bit harder and more involved than the RAD syllabus - the two compliment each other rather well I feel. BAL 3 fits nicely between RAD Grade 3 and 4, providing a nice extension to the techniques taught with RAD. The dances are longer, the barre work more complex and from grade 1 up the students have theory questions to answer as well.

Jessica hated the BAL work to begin with - cos it made her think and work to master it all. By the end of the two or so months that they had to work on their exam pieces though she was enjoying it. And it showed in her result.

Honours with Distinction.

Way to go Jessica!

Mama is so very proud of both her fabulous daughters.

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Rowyn said...

Woohoo... what talented and gorgeous girls you have :0)