Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another Tuesday rolls around

which means that I've made two lunches for school bags, and a big bag of afternoon tea for the car. Why? Cos Tuesday is the day I race home to be in time to pick the girls up directly from school, to get to ballet and then race across town to get to gymnastics.

If I could find the "evil gym mom" switch I would not only turn it off, I would permanently remove it.

Still, one teddy on a balloon is stitched, two plus clouds to go. No stitching on Barnyard Kitties or the Penguins however, sigh.

No stitching last night as Cheetah and Dini took turns at sitting on me in such a way as to immobilise my arms. Man, it's tough being a cat!

1 comment:

Floss said...

Evil gym Mum - LOL. Sophie is level 2 this year and Lisa's oldest daughter is level 3. After years of soccer and hockey, I LOVE these indoor sports ;-)